When you never have any motivation, what should you do?

You have heard “you don’t rely on motivation.” We also recommend you don’t rely on motivation, you organize your environment or method. However motivation has a big impact on you.

We introduce you how to do if you lack of your motivation

I’ve often heard “Do it is the best solution for motivation” but I can’t do it when I can’t do it.

Our other method is rest but we also recommend this blog’s method.

Small small step is important

You do small small activities.

But I can’t do anything.

Your action is still big!

What ? What do you mean?

If you can’t start anything and you lack any motivation. This action is still big for you.

First, you will make this action get smaller and smaller.

For example you have this task “Study text 5 pages a day”.

  • You can study 5 pages. Motivation is good
  • You can study 3 pages. You still have motivation.
  • You can’t do anything. You lack your motivation.

Many people divide into almost that but it divides into smaller than you expected.

  • You can study 5 pages. Motivation is good
  • You can study 3 pages. You still have motivation.
  • You can study 1 page. You still have a little motivation.
  • You can read textbook. You still have a bit motivation.
  • You can open a text book. You don’t have motivation.
  • You can hold textbook. Your motivation has just run out.

It’s such a small task, everybody can hold the textbook. If you can’t start any task, let’s break down your tasks.

Anyway priority is a continuing task.

But if I hold the textbook, it doesn’t make any progress.

That’s right. This method has another achievement.

This is right. Someone who only holds a textbook or opens the page doesn’t make any progress.

However you are close to textbook and touch it everyday.
You will have emotion.

What emotion will I have?

  • I would to study a little
  • I still don’t have any motivation but I would try only read
  • ・・・(It will not nothing happen for a while)

You’ve heard If you want to stop something, you need to leave it. you take leave temptation something you can stop it.

This method is the opposite of it. Your tasks are always close to you and see or touch it everyday. This is very effective for you.

I hide the snacks or desserts, I can stop eating too much.

That’s right. You are close to something, you want to do it in the near future.

Again, you can restart studying.

But when can you restart studying again ?

Answer is depends on person or situation so we can ‘t say when but I try this method again and again and I noticed I will be getting more and more doing a lot of things and continuing will be easier than before.

Of course if you are not interested in something or you don’t need doing something you can stop them every time.
Being willing to stop something is a good thing .

You can continue to do your tasks while you write the tasks more small

In my experience I have studied English text for many years. I will show you my motivation level.

  • Got the new text, my motivation is full and study 1 page a day
  • As soon as my motivation got down and study 1 question a day
  • My motivation was getting down so I only opened it
  • I felt bored to open the textbook so I touched it then I checked my task
  • After a few days or weeks, my motivation was to wake up again and I thought I did answer the question.
  • Then I opened the page and answered the question and I wanted to do 1 page!
  • My motivation has come back ! 1 page a day
  • I had extra motivation and I did it more. 2 pages a day
  • I can continue with good motivation. 2 pages a day
  • Then my motivation was getting down again and study 1 page a day ← Now!

Before my motivation was completely zero but now I can do 1 page a day if I don’t have motivation.

Motivation will be gone suddenly and one day it comes. We don’t have special occasions, motivation will go away and come again so first we recommend if you have continued something you should make a task better.

My motivation was zero however I can continue it for several reasons.

  • Simply because my skill is getting better to continue studying so I can easily study.
  • I know my motivation is sometimes up and down so I only do that.

Motivation is not stable. I understand.

If I don’t have any motivation I only wait for it to come someday or I can continue to lack motivation.

Lack of motivation today also continues doing the next action!

Every day’s small steps make us productive.

I see! I seem to be able to do that.

This method is not for limited or hurried tasks but it’s good for the long term.

Tip is to watch or touch them everyday isn’t it?

That’s right. Very simple method but very important method.

Partners always check your To do list and support you everyday.

You can make the small task and do everyday if you are tired or busy day as well.

I know it’s hard to do continue without motivation at first.
We always support you about tips of making small tasks and make efficient environment via everyday message.